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Pumping system efficiency

Pump parameters
 - electric power
- shaft power of a pump
- hydraulic power of a flow at the pump outlet
- pump efficiency
- efficiency of an electric motor
- efficiency of a pump unit (pump+electric motor)
Useful power of a pump is hydraulic power of a flow Phyd 
- Watts, hydraulic power
- m3/s, flow of a pump
- m, head of a pump, the difference between suction and outlet head  
- specific gravity, m/s2
- density, kg/m3

- kW, this is the simplified formula of a hydraulic power for a water. This formula is more convenient because it uses units of Q m3/h.

- kWatt
- bar, pump pressure, the difference between outlet and inlet pressure
- m3/h, flow of a pump
- pump shaft power
- consumed electric  power by the electric motor
- consumed electric  power by the electric motor
- overall efficiency of a pump unit (pump+el. motor+drive)
What results and what information is necessary to receive after field tests?
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